Abelisaurus was a dinosaur similar to Tyrannosaurs.Abelisaurus has been establish in Rio Negro in Argentina, and is
Abelisaurus l

Restoration of Abelisaurus

supposed to have lived around 75 to 70 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous period. It is known from a single incomplete, 33-inch (85 cm) long skull. It had strangely heavy teeth, and thus was possibly in part a scavenger.

Abelisaurus Dinosaur was a carnivore, a primitive theropod dinosaurs, standing roughly 6.6 feet (2 metres) tall at the hips, 21 to 26 feet (almost 8 meters) long and weighing 1.4 tons. Large fenestrations (window-like openings) in the Abelisaurus's skull meant that its skull was lighter than most dinosaurs.

Abelisaurus Dinosaur may have been connected to carnotaurus dinosaurs, which also lived in Argentina over 70 million years ago, and perhaps to indosuchus.