The Allosaurus from One Million Years BC

Allosaurs were a family of large carnivorous theropodic dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic Period. Allosaurs lived during the upper cretaceous and were among one of the most properous predators during the Jurassic. The most famous Allosaur, Allosaurus, stood up to 32 feet, however an average speciemen stood up to 28 feet.


Allosaurus was the largest Allosaur, and probably the most succesfull. Acording to the film One Million Years BC, Allosaurus was still living 65 million years after the extinction of most other dinosaurs, however this is incredibily unlikely, since Allosaurus became extinct during the Late Jurassic, and did not even live up to the Cretaceous, the last period where dinosaurs were still living, however Allosaurus was still added into the film, along with Homo Sapiens, whoes ancestors were alive during

An Allosaurus hunting

one million years BC, along with various other prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs as creative licence, since the film was a fantasy. However, Allosaurus was still probaly an impressive predator, with a skull 33.3 inches long. Allosaurus didn't feed on any mammals, but more likely fed on large Sauropodic dinosaurs alive durring the time, before falling to extinction and letting its decendant, the Tyrannosaurs take their position.



Ray Harryhausen originally designed Gwangi from The Valley of Gwangi to be an Allosaurus, however based the design on a Tyrannosaurus Rex.