Ceratosaurus was a dinosaur that appeared in the film One Million Years BC. Ceratosaurus ("horned lizard") is a
greedy dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation of North America. It is characterized by huge jaws with enormous, bladelike teeth, a large, bladelike horn on the snout, and a pair horn lets over the eyes. The forelimbs were strongly built but very short. It lived next to dinosaurs such as Allosaurus , Torvosaurus , Brontosaurus , Diplodocus , and Stegosaurus . Some propose it was a rival to Allosaurus . Ceratosaurus fossil remains in North American Museum of Ancient Life. It was around 4.5–6 m in size, weighing 500 kg up to 1 tonne. The African C. ingens may have been much better, with size estimates ranging up to 5 tonnes, which if right would make it one of the largest of the Theropoda.

Ceratosaurus was first discovered by Othniel Charles Marsh. Relatives of Ceratosaurus contain Elaphrosaurus and the abelisaur Carnotaurus.

In the FilmEdit

A Ceratosaurus battles a Triceratops in the film. The battle is incredibly close.