Cyclops is a fearsome, giant one-eyed monster that roams the Island of Collosa, and appears in the film The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. Two Cyclops are featured in this film.


In addition to having only one eye, the beast possesses goat-like legs akin to that of a satyr from Greek Mythology, pointed ears and a large horn protruding from its forehead. It also has yellow warty skin, three-fingered clawed hands, a muscular figure, and razor-sharp teeth.

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad Edit

The first Cyclops appears when the sorcerer Sokurah tries to steal a magic lamp, hidden in the cyclops' trove. It captures and begins to roast Sinbad's crew to eat them, until he is distracted by a group of drunken sailors, whom he crushes with a tree. While Sinbad and his crew escape, the Cyclops then moves his attention towards Sinbad and the sorcerer, but is blinded by Sinbad's torch. He is then lured to a cliff, where the creature plummets to its death.

The second Cyclops is seen adventuring into Sokurah’s cave, but is killed by the Dragon.


  • The Cyclops remains one of Ray Harryhausen's most iconic creations.
  • The Cyclops is given a shout-out in the episode Little Gift Shop of Horrors of the Disney Channel cartoon series Gravity Falls. However, it is very cartoony and colorful unlike in its appearance in its originated movie.
  • The Cyclops from the film makes a cameo appearance in the 2018 Steven Spielberg movie, Ready Player One. It first appears walking around the Oasis, and it later appears in the charging crowd of Oasis avatars during the final battle on Planet Doom.
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