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The Cyclops are a race of enormous, one-eyed creatures that roam the Island of Collosa. They are major

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The 7th Voyage of Sinbad


Extremely agressive Cyclops species.



antagonists in the film, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad[]

The first Cyclops encounters the evil sorcerer Sokurah and chases him to the beach, finding Sinbad and his men. The Cyclops is hit with several spears thrown by the men and begins to easily overpower them. However, Sokurah summons a genie named Barani and the Cyclops finds itself suddenly trapped on the other side of a magic barrier, unable to break it with its strength, then the men flee on their boat and the Cyclops chases once more once the barrier dissipates. It marches through the reef and discovers the lost genie lamp at the bottom of the reef, taking it to its treasure trove.

The two-horned Cyclops that fights the dragon.

Later when Sinbad and his men return to the island to cure Princess Parisa, they discover the trove and recover the lamp, only to be ambushed by the Cyclops as it captures and takes them to a cooking fire and preparing to roast them alive. It is distracted in time by the other men nearby and begins killing them with the trunk of a tree. With this distraction, Sinbad rescues his captured men before the Cyclops begins pursuing both him and the evil sorcerer. They hide in a small cave while the Cyclops leans his head down to see inside, but is suddenly jabbed in the eye with Sinbad's flaming torch. Now blind and hysterical, Sinbad lures it towards a nearby cliff, where it falls to its death. Sokurah then reminds them that there are other Cyclops living in the island.

Later, when Sinbad and Parisa are escaping Sokurah's lair, they encounter another Cyclops and run back inside. The cyclops follows them, but Sinbad releases Sokurah's guardian dragon, Taro and it begins to fight the Cyclops. Although the two enormous creatures spend too much time fighting, the Cyclops is greatly outmatched by the dragon and is eventually bitten to death outside the cavern.


The Cyclops are also the reasons why the Island of Collosa is feared by many people, as they dominate the island with their tremendous sizes and animistic savagery. While cunning, they are largely unintelligent and lack any formal language, more often behaving like wild beasts that act on instinct and impulse. In place of language they simply make roaring sounds that resemble a bull. They make these sounds in all situations; when attacking prey, when injured or when scared.

However, they are cognitive enough to create campfires and spigots in order to cook their captured prey. They also don't seem to have any morality, as they have been shown to try and cook their prey alive and anticipate their meals eventually death. They also seem to be very curious, as one Cyclops collects the weapons used against him by Sinbad's men.


Cyclops largely resemble giant humans, roughly 15 to 20 feet tall and three times the height of Sinbad. But alongside bearing only a single eye, the Cyclops also bear single horns on their heads, pointed ears and sharp teeth. Their skin is pale and littered with warts, especially on their shoulders, and their hands bear only three claws. Their legs are akin to goat legs with thick brown fur and cloven hooves.


  • The Cyclops remains one of Ray Harryhausen's most iconic creations.
  • The Cyclops is given a shout-out in the episode Little Gift Shop of Horrors of the Disney Channel cartoon series Gravity Falls. However, it is very cartoony and colorful unlike in its appearance in its originated movie.
  • The Cyclops from the film makes a cameo appearance in the 2018 Steven Spielberg movie, Ready Player One. It first appears entering the Oasis as Parzival says you can be tall. it's later seen during the final battle on Planet Doom using a giant mace to kill Sixers