The Hoysala Style Carving of Kali

Featured in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, the hoysala carving of the Indian goddess Kali is among one of the most significant features of the film. In the film, the six-armed statue of the goddess worshiped by the Lemurians comes to life with a potion from Prince Koura, and fights Sinbad's entire crew with a sword in each hand.

Hoysala EmpireEdit

The Hoysala Empire was an Ancient Indian civilization native to
Hoysala carving

An Actual Hoysala Carving from South India

various regions of Southern India, including the present-day state of Karnataka located in modern-day India. The Hoysala developed elaborate temples and carvings throughout their empire, most portraying Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses. Being a nation filled with military power and warriors, the Hoysala also worshiped the Hindu goddess of strength Kali. During the
RayHarryhausen TheGoldenVoyageOfSimbad 0 (4)

Kali prepares to attack

hunt for the evil magician Koura, Sinbad stumbles across an Ancient Indian civilization, which was most likely Hoysala, do to its elaborate and unique architecture. At Hoysala, which is already ancient at the time, Koura brings a six-armed Hoysala carving of Kali to life to battle Sinbad, similar to a Living Skeleton featured in the previous Sinbad film.

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