Hoysala Civilization, India
Hoysala temple
Sinbad fighting a Hoysala statue in The Golden voyage of Sinbad

Human Inhabitants

Visited by Koura, Sinbad,and Margiana

Native Fauna (Creatures)

Minitor, Statue of Kali, Figure-head



Film Location


The architecture of the Lemurians closely resembles that of the hoysala empire. The hoysala empire was an empire of Ancient India that streched throughout South India, mostly in the modern day state of Karnataka. The hoysala had many military conquests throughout their history, however their fame comes from their unique and elaberote temples and carvings, such as Kali the hindu goddess of strenth, as well as other hindu gods. The Indian temple in The 7th Voyage of Sindbad features numeorus simliarites to the architecture and art style of the Hoysala Empire, and has many features based off of their unique art style.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Although the city was originally planned to be filmed in India according to Ray Harryhausen, the temple was actually filmed in Spain.