Giant Octopus from It Came From Beneath the Sea:
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Giant Octopus from It Came from Beneath the Sea








All of the oceans, giant molisks and other giant aquadic creatures of great size mainly live in deep parts of the ocean such as abyss. Probably lived in the deep under water trenches that surrround San Francisco such as Aleultian , Kunl , New Hebriides, Kermadec-Tonga , Marianas, Japan Trenchs.


Giant, Probably Over 40 ft (12.192)


It Came from Beneath the Sea



The Octopus or "It" on the web page appears in It Came from Beneath the Sea. The Octopus from It Came From Beneath the Sea was splendid example of stop-motion animation. It was based of the mythical aquatic creatures such as the Kraken and the proven to exsist Giant Squid. The giant octopus concept was extremly likely in the location of the Pacific Ocean beacuse of its large quanities of undersea trenches and giant aquadic life. The time the film was made large quanites of the tenticals of giant squid were found in sperm whales. Sightings of giant squids from salors fronm the past and the tenticals from whaler helped develope myths of gigantic creature that was fearsome and very brutal to salors. The finds and myths helped inspier the

The Octopus Attacks San Francisco

consept of giant monster. Ray Harryhausen made a large almost

anatomically corect if it had all eight legs insted of six

Myth of the Creature

The Creature has beenseen through mythology for thousands of years. It has been created by sights of giant tenticaled creatures, discovered remains and immagination.

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Many discoveries have been made about giant tenticaled beings. Whalers for centuries have stumbled apon their remains. Only to make myths and stories of their findings. In the Ninteenth centurey Scientist began to conduct studies on the remains, But it was not untill the 1930s that the creature was properly examined.

Paleontology[edit | edit source]

Ray harryhausen has always had great intrest to the past. Giant aquadic life like this were extraordinarily comen in the ancient times. Creatures such as Ammonites romed the giant seas in unrecordable numbers from the begining to the end of the dinosaurs.

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