The Olmec was a properous Ancient Civilization, that dated to up to 25 thousand years ago, holding the record for the oldest civilizations in North and South America. The Olmec devolpe advanced technology durring their rein, including one of the only reminders of their existence, large carved stone known as Olmec heads.


The Olmec civilization was first found in the 19th century, where early explorers believed that Olmec were of African desent, because of facial features on the Olmec heads. However, modern archaeologists found that the Olmec were of Native American decent, and were the oldest Mesoamerican civilization.

Olmec HeadsEdit

The enormous heads of the Olmec resembled that of warriors. Although, it is far more likely that the heads dipicted ball players or rulers. The Olmec Heads were carved from volcanic stones carried from the nearest volcano, hundreds of miles away from the Olmec's civilization.