Perseus was the son of the Greek god Zeus. Perseus most famous role in Greek mythology was him murding the gorgon Medusa. In the film Clash of the Titans, Perseus murdered Medusa to destroy the destructive Kraken, an ancient evil that terrorized the sea during the dawn of time.

Early LifeEdit

Perseus was born to a mortal princess called Danae and Zeus, the ruler of the Olympians. Danae's father Acrisius, fearing that the boy would grow up and kill him, attempted to have his daughter and baby grandson killed by locking them inside a chest and throwing them into the sea. Out of revenge, Zeus killed the mortal king and had his brother Poseidon unleash the Kraken onto his kingdom,

Perseus and Danae, locked inside the chest, survived and were washed up on the island of Seriphos, where the hero would spend his formative years.