Pirates were thieves who raided by sea. The first known pirates were in Ancient Greece. Jason and the

The Argonauts

argonauts were considered to be pirates, because they attempted to steel the golden fleece . Ancient Greek pirates sailed from many different countries that bordered the Mediterranean Sea. Some of theses pirates had an agreement with their home countries to share any treasure that they captured. In return, they would not be arrested. Some pirates were not loyal to any country and lived on the Barbary Coast which was along the North African coast. These pirates were known as the Barbary Pirates and they were very cruel and took a lot of goods from any ship that passed their way. The merchants became tired of having their goods taken and asked their governments to help stop the pirates. England and France offered to forgive the pirates of their bad deeds if they would stop piracy. Some pirates did accept this forgiveness, but most just laughed and kept on stealing and capturing ships. Finally these pirates were chased out of the Mediteranean Sea by the French and went to live in the Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola.
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