Procompsognathus a was fast omnivore or meat eating dinosaur. It is a genus of small theropod dinosaur, meat


eating dinosaur and also one of the earliest dinosaur which is lived during Triassic times.

Procompsognathus is about 1.2 meters long (4 ft), had long hind legs, short arms, large clawed hands, a long slight snout with many small teeth, and also had a stiff tail. It’s lived in inland environment and would have chased after small lizards and insects and other small prey on its long legs running with only 3 of its 4 toes touching the ground. Procompsognathus was named by Eberhard Fraas in 1913 and it was found in the Natural History Museum in London. The primitive features like each hand of Procompsognathus had 5 fingers, since the trend in the more advanced dinosaurs was to have fewer fingers and toes.

It has historically been considered a theropod dinosaur, although some have found Procompsognathus to be a primitive, non-dinosaurian ornithodiran.

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