The Selenite Leader

Selenites were an advanced race of inteligent ant-like people from First Men on the Moon. Selenites had a different society than humans, where they didn't make war, however they put employees or other Selenite workers under a form a suspended animation when they were no longer of use. Selentites inhabited catacomb like tunnels beneith the moon's surface, where they were free from the moon's meteor showers, and where they generated their power from the sun, using gaps from the surface. Because the Selenites' world rotated around the Earth, they showed
Selentie army
An Army of Selenites








Small Size (1-5 feet)


First Men in the Moon


A Group of Insect Humanoids with an advanced society



respect and interest towards humans, however found them defective beacause the made war.


Selenites were an advanced group of highly evolved insects (ants) on the Moon. Selenites had an advanced society that was different than those on Earth, that humans did not fully understand. Durring the late 1800s and early 1900s before their extinction, Selenites devolved large "moon cities"
Selenite worker

Selenite Workers in Suspended Animation

with a complex tunnel system underneath a large magority of the moon's visible surface. The Selenite had a rich depostite of minerals such and dimonds and gold that they found on the moon, and used to devolpe numerous techology. Selenties had a system for if an worker was no longer in use to their system, they would suspend them in a cacoon like state until they were needed. Selenites also were under one leader ,like a queen ant, that commanded the Selenite armies. Selenites didn'f fight wars, but attacked in self defense of the colony if they felt it was nessary. Selenites behaved similar to a colony of ants or bees, however ants have been known to attack other colonies of ants, while the Senenites acted as one whole colony.


Using the various minerals the Selenites found on the moon, the Selenites devoped advanced technologies based on solar energy. Their energy was devoped from a large crystal in the center of the lunar city that was

Selenites' Solar Powered Technology

inside a large tunnel over looking the sun. Durring a lunar eclispe, the Selenites were blocked off from solar energy, making all their machinery shutdown. However, Selenites used this time as a resting time, until the machines were operating again. Selenites also devoped high powered microsopes that they used to study humans.


Selenites domesticated large herbavorious animals known as Moon Cows to humans. Selenites domesticated these large beast as live stock for food, and they had devolped special ray-like weapons to kill them and
Moon Cow

Selenites Harvesting a Moon Cow

harvest their meat. Large graveyards of Moon Cow skeletons were found in the Selenite cities, which is unusual, because most caterpillars speices lack bones.


Ray Harryhausen matched HG Well's description of Selenites closely, decribing them as ant-like people. Selenites were small creatures and were weaker than humans, because of the Moon's low gravity, making them easy to defeat. They had compound eyes, were winged, and had the abbility to speak the human language. However, they recieved extinction some time in the early1990s, because they had little immunity to human deseases.

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