The Kraken
The Kraken Emerges from the Sea to destroy Argos








Ancient Greece (the large depths of the ocean)


Clash of the Titans


A large destructive Titan loyal to the Greek Gods


Medusa's Head (Gorgons)

The last of the great Titans, the Kraken was the deadly monster from the sea, ordered to destroy cities in Ancient Greece upon the command of the Greek Gods. In Norse Mythology, the Kraken is the largest of the sea monsters, resembling an octopus or a giant squid, the Kraken was known to sink ships and the most dangerous creature of the sea.


Sketch of the Kraken

A Sketch of the Kraken

After the Zeus and the gods battled their montrous brothers the Titans, all titans were defeated in exception to a few, including the mighty titan of the sea, the Kraken. After the war, the Kraken was subjected to serve under the rule of the gods, forfilling their every command, especially to the Greek God of the sea Poseidon. The Kraken slightly resembled its cephalopod form in exception to its many tentacle-like arms and some features of its head, the Kraken more resembled it fellow Titan brothers, and all deadly creatures of the sea. Although the Kraken was loyal to the gods, he was far more destructive then they could imagine, and would not stop an order to destroy a city regardless to the god's command. The one of the only thi-

Argos being destroyed by massive waves produced by the mighty Kraken

ngs that could stop the Kraken's path of destruction was Medusa, who could turn the Kraken into stone.

The Destruction of ArgosEdit

After the Kraken was summonded to destroy the Greek city of Argos, we awoke from his dominate state, and rapidly swam towards the coastal city, generating large tightly waves with his forces, destroying the cities defenses.

Clash of the Titans (1981) -- The Kraken

Clash of the Titans (1981) -- The Kraken

Trivia Edit

  • When Zeus sent the beast to attack Argos, he said "Release the Kraken!". This became an internet meme.
  • However, the famous quote was from the 2010 remake of the film. In the original Zeus' line was "Let loose the Kraken!".
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