Eye of tiger 26


The Troglodyte (or Trog for short) first apearred in Sinbad and the Eye of the the Tiger. in the movie, Sinbad and his crew encountered the prehistoric creature near a waterfall, and it helps them find the way to the Gateway to the Shrine. Near the end of the film, Trog appeared again and fought the Saber-Tooth Cat. He is then killed by the smilodon in the end, until Sinbad killed the cat.


Encountered by Sinbad's crew in Hyberboria. Melanthius identifies the
1800s neanderthal

Imaginative 1800s renderings of Neanderthals inspired Troglodye

Troglodyte as an ancestor of humans, and it accompanies Sinbad's crew to the shrine where Prince Kassim can be restored.


Trog was inspired by early renderings of the prehistoric Neanderthal man. Neanderthal fossils discovered in 1829 in the Engis caves paved way for many imaginative renderings of the creature, most of which are considered inaccurate by today's paleo-anthropologists.