A US Air-force spaceship sent to Venus

Venus is the second planet from sun, and the closest planet to Earth, making it known as Earth's sister planet. Although it is the closest to Earth, Venus's atopherse is immensely toxic, being made of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. Dispite its atmopherse, Venus is also

The Ymir from Venus

the hottest planet in the solar system do to the green house effect, allowing only a few lifeforms to survive the planet's harsh conditions. Ymirs were a species of life that could exist on the planet, since they had sponge like filters in their bodies to filter out venuses toxic gases, and a reptile like body, which allowed helped them deal with the intense heat and the lack of a large water supply. However, humans found Venus uninhabititable, and could not live on barren planet. Being the first planet that humans visited.
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