The Golden Voyage of Sinbad/ScriptEdit

(Sinbad's ship sails through the ocean.)

[first lines]

Lookout: [shouting from the crow's nest] A fine clear morning! And all is well!

Rachid: Higher!

Vizier: The more I study it, the greater the puzzle becomes.

Sinbad: Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel!

Sinbad: My friend, you cannot pick up two melons with one hand, and I cannot work miracles. Shallah.

Sinbad: That mark. How did you get it?

Margiana: I don't know. I've had it since I was a child.

Sinbad: An evil eye.

Hakim: No, no.

Margiana: It was tattooed and won't come off.

Sinbad: Perhaps it is a good omen.

Hakim: Yes, to ward off evil spirits.

Sinbad: You have nothing else to tell me?

Hakim: She is curvaceous. Not deliciously fat as prefer them. But at night, cottonseed is the same as a pearl.

Hakim: Allah will smile on you.

Sinbad: More likely, he will laugh at me.

[seeing the Vasier's mask]

Sailor: I've heard of gold going to a man's head, but this!

Sinbad: We wager our skill against death.

Vizier: And for rich reward. Find this island and a handsome prize awaits every man.

Haroun: There's water down there. There's water everywhere. We're at sea.

Sinbad: This boy's a genius.

Haroun: [Wakes up] Are you a merchant? How long will we be gone for, a week?

[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]

Haroun: Two weeks? Three weeks? A month?

[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]

Haroun: More than a month! How long?

Sinbad: Two or three years.

Haroun: Two or three years! That's horrible.

[the men laugh]

Haroun: We'll be ancient.

[the men laugh again]